It was inspiring and became the constant guide teachers.

Francois Le Menaheze exercises, part-time, with the balance provided by Nadia Belhamiti. Francois is also a trainer at the IUFM of Nantes. 2 comments Read more Workshop Work Plan By Nicolas Zannettacci the 14/11/14 – 10:56 p.m.

In: GD 11 – Aude report a placement tool life of the cooperative class citizenship teaching techniques> autonomy teaching techniques> organizing class> teaching techniques work plan> management heterogeneity teaching techniques> personalization of learning teaching techniques> See individualized work attachments … And thank you Sylvain (Connac) for all your documents!

Add Comment 2 attachments In cm1-cm2 with Michel Colas (49 – Saint Lambert du Lattay) By Claude Beaunis on 31/08/10 – 9:45 In: a French slice of life movie> Oral language French > Scripture-reading Maths teaching Techniques> mathematical creative teaching techniques> classroom organization> work Plan pedagogical techniques> educational Technical literature> math teaching research techniques> individualized work I spent the day of June 7, 2010 in the school Freinet St. Lambert du Lattay in Maine et Loire.

It is a Freinet school four classes of the small section cm2. Michel has taught for over 20 years. He succeeded another teacher Freinet. Learn more natural method of writing and literature at the 2nd degree By Michele Comte 28/08/11 – 24:22 In: Region PACA> GD 13 – Bouches-du-Rhone Gr Second Degree has made Congress a grade. > second-degree pedagogical principles> natural teaching method Technology> class organization> educational work plan Techniques> class organization> life of the classroom teaching techniques> text free instructional techniques> individualized work Wednesday Workshop 24.08.2011 Marion tells Agostini his practice as a French teacher at the College of La Ciotat (KEY) Add a comment Read more Why Freinet class in a second degree business?

By Michele Comte 29/08/11 – 24:34 In: Nord Pas-de-Calais Gr Second Degree realized Congress> workshop school level> second degree pedagogical principles> term-creation pedagogical techniques> class organization. > educational Technology workplan> educational evaluation principles> co> jobs, responsibilities pedagogical techniques> what’s new? Workshop Thursday 25.08.2011 Christelle Guillot (GD44) / Catherine Mazury (Bordeaux).

Workshop Goal: you feel a desire to change its practices, while one is isolated in institutions. Add a comment Read more Some kindergarten tops – March 2011 By Nicole Garcia on 01/03/11 – 11:46 In: Southwest> GD 82 – Tarn-et-Garonne Gr Kindergarten tool teaching techniques. > classroom organization> work Plan in response to a frequently renewed demand, as well as an expectation (among others) I had the time to start my PF, I propose a few work plans that I I built and I use in my class PS / MS / GS.

They are of course … what they are: testing, continually modified, reworked interviewed. … (! To their legitimacy in my operation) 3 comments Read more 4 attachments Journal internship Rostrenen 2016 – short workshop: Countertops By Claude Beaunis on 25/08/16 – 9:47 in: internship teaching Techniques> class organization> worktop worktops (PoW) > short workshop Add comment more tools for Individual work (iT) in kindergarten – 2009 by Muriel Coirier the 07/12/09 – in 7:51 p.m.. GD 86 – Vienna Gr Kindergarten Life a tool of the cooperative class citizenship teaching techniques> class organization> worktop teaching techniques> individualized work in this section we wanted to share the different tools we have developed for our classes.

So you will find tools for teachers (notebook diary schedule …) but also tools for children (IT specifications, work plan …) Add Comment 5 attachments Workshop: Practical Freinet second degree: the worktop by Patricia Quinsac on 22/08/13 – 11:46 in: Gr. second degree Congress conference newspaper> workshop school level> second degree> High school French teaching techniques> class organization> Plan labor Add comment more minutes Meeting Group Starting Wednesday, October 8
(GD 44) By Claude Beaunis the 19/11/14 – 10:18 In: Grand West Region> GD 44 – Loire-Atlantique account pedagogical techniques> organization class> workplan Add a comment Read more 1 2 3 4 next> last »
By Catherine Chabrun on 11/07/17 – 8:12 In: news Education News Release Poitiers, November 5, 2017 Beginning 2016, six educational movements have started to organize together an international biennale of the New Education , a cooperative adventure that’s safe arrival on November 2, 2017. This first edition allowed 300 people to exchange, share, debate, to be, to think, to get to know and to live together.

The opportunity was also given workshops in 54 forums, 14 debates but also in more informal time to discover the diversity of practices and reflections as well as the variety of projects every move, all enriched by the multicultural and international mix. This first Biennial was an exceptional collective experience around a project where everyone, each has found its place was put in a position to act, to create, to invent, to fumble, to experiment, to make mistakes to start … the news on the Biennale site Add comment

By Mathieu Buisson on 08/11/17 – 8:47 p.m. In: GD 93 – Seine-Saint-Denis Dates: 11/18/17 – 10:00 – 16:00 Location: School Julien Lacroix, 16 rue Julien Lacroix 75020 paris Metro Crowns or Pyrenees We meet Saturday, November 18 from 10h to 16h in the school Julien Lacroix, 16 rue Julien Lacroix 75020 paris, Metro Crowns or Pyrenees. The agenda of the meeting will be presented shortly. add a comment

By Catherine Chabrun the 10/11/17 – 10:35 In: New Educator Gr news a book Ferdinand Buisson Pierre NORA preface of the French Academy, Editions Robert Laffont, Mouthpieces, August 24, 2017, 1216 p. 32. 00 €. The teaching Dictionary and primary Ferdinand Buisson instruction is the work of a generation. He was responding to a social need: to make free education, secular and compulsory in order to give all children all the basic knowledge that would make them citizens.

It was inspiring and became the constant guide teachers. His ambition was to gather all the encyclopedic knowledge and pedagogical useful to teachers. This edition brings together 250 texts signed the best specialists of the time. Among them: Viollet-le-Duc (Architecture), Camille Flammarion (Astronomy), Ernest Lavisse (History).

It contains the major articles of the Republican school policy as hundreds of biographies about the great figures of our intellectual heritage. “Cathedral of the primary school,” in the words of Pierre Nora, this dictionary is also a feast of intelligence and erudition. His project as its contributions remain vital today not only to visit and understand our history, but also for our reflection on fundamental issues such as secularism or learning methods, the importance of discipline, exercise of authority and training of liberty.

Le Buisson remains a primary reference while the issue of education continues to be debated. Ferdinand Buisson (1841-1932), philosopher, inspector general, feather Jules Ferry, but mostly director of primary education for seventeen years, inventor of secularism, editor of the school laws, architect of the separation of church and state, founder of the League of human rights, he also spoke to the House the first speech in favor of votes for women in 1910 and received the Nobel Peace prize in 1927 – prices he dedicated the teachers of France so that they can work for fraternity between nations through education of children. add a comment
In BT Publishing Printing at the School For students book, pamphlet October 1950 in pdf Author: Georges-M.